– St Anne’s On Sea In Bloom group

St. Anne’s on the Sea In Bloom is made up of volunteers and representatives from various groups within St. Anne’s and has strived to involve as many like-minded people as possible.

This has resulted in a team made up of organisations from the local community, working together to improve the town. Groups such as The Ormerod Trust, Blackpool & Fylde Rail Users Association, the Chamber of Trade, St Anne’s Rotary, Fylde Borough Council and St Anne’s Town Council are all involved in the group.

St. Anne’s on the Sea In Bloom has a committee and is a fully constituted organisation. Meetings are held monthly during the summer months and also on an ad-hoc basis. Volunteers are always welcome.

Some of St. Anne’s On Sea In Bloom’s activities and projects include:

  • Promoting and organising ‘Best Front Garden’ competition
  • Community projects such as the Blundell Road allotment site
  • Working with schools to improve eco-awareness
  • Participation in the annual North West In Bloom competition
  • Working with ‘Friends Of…’ groups representing local parks and gardens

Whilst the In Bloom group has had considerable success in the annual North West In Bloom competition, our aim is simply ‘To make St. Anne’s On the Sea a better place to be’.

To this end we are eager to grow our team and allow for both greater success in the competition and to provide floral displays and associated improvements within our lovely town.  New volunteers would be involved in such work as planting, watering, deadheading and weeding.  Your support would be entirely self-pacing – you do as much or as little as you like.

If you would like more information or if you would like to get involved, please contact Fiona Boismaison on 01253 724310.

There is also a website for the group: http://www.stannesinbloom.com

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