– Councillor Cheryl Little

In addition to representing Fairhaven Ward on both Borough and St Annes on Sea Town Councils. I am also the Chair of Tourism and Leisure at Fylde Council.

Through these responsibilities – I recognise the important role that Leisure and Community plays in today’s society and that the role of accessible, high quality leisure provision can enhance the quality of life, health and well-being of the local community. Leisure and Community meetings is the process whereby opportunities, processes and structures are put in place to enable and encourage all individuals to take part in leisure and community engagement.

The way we organise our free time can reveal a great deal about our identities and ideology. St Annes Town Council tries to explore what our leisure and community choices can tell us about the society in which we live.

We also want to see community leisure and development playing a more central role in supporting the involvement of communities, including young people, in the community planning process. In this regard my role strengthens the link between community leisure and development and community planning at all levels”.

I also do have outside interests which apart from of course my family and walking my dog; I am a member of Friend of St Annes Palace additionally I am also Chair of Governors at Weeton School.

Councillor Cheryl Little
A photograph of Councillor Cheryl Little.

Cheryl Little

Telephone 01253 711722

Email cllr.clittle@fylde.gov.uk

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