– Councillor Edward Nash

I was born in St Anne’s and educated at Headroomgate and King Edward VII schools. Following a career as a Regular Army Major in the Royal Artillery, I now run a Careers Consultancy in Richmond Road, helping local people back into employment, and I am particularly active in supporting ex-services people and helping young people to find and achieve a good career.

I live with my family in Orchard Road in the heart of Central Ward which I also represent on Fylde Borough Council.

I am the Town Mayor during 2014 – 2015.

I have seen many parts of the world, lived in many countries, speak several languages and have been involved in many varied activities in a busy life from the mundane to the downright dangerous. To me it is a delight to have returned to my home town and I dedicate myself to St Anne’s. An army career has given me an insight into solving difficult problems under pressure and I intend to use this experience to the common good.

I am passionate about the town and want to help our young people to succeed also. I am concerned that we provide an environment where both business and people can thrive, our elderly and service veterans can be well cared for and everyone can enjoy a good quality of life. I dedicate myself to achieving these aims.

Ed Nash

Telephone 01253 713839

Email Ed ed@v4f.co.uk

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