– Councillor Joanne Gardner

Councillor Joanne Gardner
A photograph of Councillor Joanne Gardner.

Joanne Gardner

Joanne is 56, retired, married to Dan and has lived in Kilnhouse Ward, St. Annes for over 30 years. In her professional life she worked for the Lytham St. Annes Express, the Gazette and the Lancashire Evening Post as an Advertisement Sales Manager and Director. Since retiring she has taken on a number of voluntary jobs in particular for the RNLI.

“In my role as a Town Councillor I want to represent the people of Kilnhouse to the best of my ability and to support residents in which ever way I can. I also believe that if the Town thrives economically via local businesses and tourism it will benefit us all. I am a member of the Policy and Resources Committee, the Shared Services Working Group and the Council Representative for Blundell Road Allotments. If you need my help with anything please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for electing me to the role of Councillor on St. Annes Town Council – I feel very proud to be working with such a great team for the good of our town.”

Email: joanne.gardner137@gmail.com

Tel. 07724 689572

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