– Fylde Council ARG grant

The ARG Shopfront Improvement Scheme will contribute to the post-pandemic recovery of high streets in Fylde by supporting businesses offering in-person services which during the COVID pandemic were mandated to close for extended periods or could only operate under certain restrictions that have impacted the ability to trade and generate income to support shop front maintenance or improvements.

The scheme will also offer support where commercial properties are struggling to attract tenants or achieve full occupation of a property because of the post-pandemic climate or outdated frontage.

Shopfronts have a significant impact on the appearance of the high street influencing the first and lasting impression of an area.  The scheme will advance the growth of local businesses, improve the local environment, enhance local heritage and raise the aesthetic appearance of the borough for all stakeholders. High quality shopfronts provide desirability making an area feel more welcoming, providing a strong sense of identity, encouraging a greater number of shopping visits and enhancing commercial value.  Clean, quality appearance matters in the commercial sector.

Please visit Fylde Council for further information:

Fylde Council ARG grant

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