Boundary Commission recommendations for St. Anne’s Town Boundaries

St. Anne’s Town Councillors are very unhappy with the Boundary Commission proposals for St. Anne’s following their review of the electoral district of Fylde in which St. Anne’s is situated.

Councillors are particularly concerned with the loss of identity for the town that will be brought about by the proposed changes and feel it will add to the existing confusion with our neighbours in Lytham which the Boundary Commission’s proposals make worse with some of their confusing ward boundary recommendations.

These concerns were graphically illustrated recently with the “Sainsbury’s Lytham signs” which prompted anger from residents of both towns. Our residents are proud of their St Anne’s heritage and will fiercely protect this.

Town Councillors have produced alternative proposals which they consider will meet the overall requirements of the Boundary Commission’s review and still protect the town’s existing boundaries.

The Town Council’s alternative proposals can be viewed on www.stannesonthesea-tc.gov.uk and below.

Initial Town Council response to proposal:

We know that the Boundary Commission put a lot of weight on individual comments from the public and with that in mind, we are asking residents to support our proposal to Keep St Anne’s Together.

They can do this by looking at the Boundary Commission’s website:


Then simply emailing their comments to reviews@lgbce.org.uk or by using the following link

Local Government Boundary Commission for England Consultation Portal (lgbce.org.uk)

The closing date for the Boundary Commission’s is Monday 6th September 2021. We would ask as many residents as possible to go online and support our proposals and get the Boundary Commission to rethink recommendations.

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