– Local Government Boundary Commission – Town Council response


St Anne’s on the Sea Town Councillors have unanimously expressed their disappointment and concern over the draft recommendations for the town being made by the Local Government Boundary Commission following their review of the electoral district covered by Fylde Council.

Under the draft proposals the seven wards currently making up St. Annes will increase to eight and all wards being renamed to include North Beach, Promenade, North and South Saints, Queensway and Park East and Park West. Only Heyhouses Ward will remain by name but even that will be much changed in relation to the streets and houses within it.

In their initial response to the Boundary Commission Councillors commented that;

‘St Anne’s on the Sea has its own Town Council, Town Flag, Motto of Garden Town by the Sea and its own Neighbourhood Plan. A strong identity such as this should not be compromised by alterations to district ward boundaries’.

‘St. Anne’s on the Sea, Lytham and Fairhaven and Ansdell are four separate areas within Fylde and with their own identities, history and communities. We already have parts of Fairhaven and Park wards crossing the eastern boundary of the town of St Anne’s this meant some streets being represented by Town Councillors and adjacent streets not. This boundary review offered the chance to correct this anomaly but the draft recommendations will actually make things worse’

Town councillors are currently working up alternative proposals to send to the Boundary Commission before the consultation ends on September 6th, 2021.

Interested residents are invited to visit the Boundary Commission website at https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/24729 to look at the draft recommendations and are encouraged to make their own thoughts known:

via email to: reviews@lgbce.org.uk 

or by post to              The Review Officer (Fylde) 


PO Box 133 


NE24 9FE 

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