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The next Council Meeting takes place on Tuesday 12th July at 6.45pm at St. Anne’s Palace Masonic Hall, 16 Garden Street, St. Anne’s on the Sea, FY8 2AA.

Please find a copy of the Agenda below.


Town Mayor Cllr Karen Harrison 2022 to 2023


Cllr Karen Harrison elected Mayor for St. Anne’s on the Sea

At the Annual Meeting of the Town Council on 10th May 2022 Cllr Karen Harrison was appointed by her fellow councillors as the Mayor of St. Anne’s for the next 12 months. Joining Karen as Deputy Mayor will be Cllr Cheryl Little.

Cllr Harrison joined …

The next full Town Council meeting will be on Tuesday 24th May, at 7 pm, at St Anne’s Palace (Masonic Hall), Garden Street, FY8 2AA.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

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