– Town Council approve Environment Statement

At Full Council on the 10th May 2022 St. Anne’s on the Sea Town Council formally approved the following Environment Statement:

St. Anne’s on the Sea Town Council recognises that it has a duty to minimise its impact on the environment. As a Council it is our responsibility to lead as an example of good practice for our community and as such, we endeavour to establish an ethos that will promote environmentally sound decision-making.
St. Anne’s on the Sea Town Council will embrace the following objectives:
• Promote awareness of environmental issues within the community
• Work closely with the local community to achieve environmental change
• Minimise consumables and consider the environmental impact of purchases
• Limit the use of single-use plastic where appropriate and use alternatives where available
• Make environmentally conscious decisions when considering energy supply and use
• Support carbon neutral companies when and where appropriate
• Request allotment tenants make use of environmentally friendly options available to them
• Install rainwater collection facilities at allotment sites
• Support the planting of trees to promote carbon capture and encourage biodiversity
St. Anne’s on the Sea Town Council will enable the involvement of Councillors, Employees, and local residents by providing training, information and other support.
The above is not an exhaustive list and when the opportunity arises new objectives will be included.
This Environmental Statement will be reviewed annually.

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