– Town Council Increases Council Tax by 3 pence per Week

St. Anne’s Town Council have agreed unanimously on a budget for 2016/17 which gives an increase just over 3 pence per week to Band D taxpayers.

This budget will allow the Council to continue its programme of supporting local groups and business with grants, St. Anne’s Enterprise Partnership, Christmas Lights, the ever improving St. Anne’s in Bloom Group, the Youth Council, award winning allotments, the Carnival, the Kite Festival and the Music and Arts Festival, along with the growing number of events that bring visitors to the Town and enhance our quality of life. The Council also maintains and develops the Public Rights of Way and is responsible for the Town flag and flag poles. Most importantly, it will ensure delivery of St. Anne’s Neighbourhood Development Plan, which includes tree planting and enhancement of the town’s gateways.

As Councillor Vince Settle, Chairman of the Town Council states:

“Like all Councils we were faced with a major reduction in finance from Central Government, compounded this year by a reduced grant. By using £12,000 of the Council’s general reserves, we are substantially reducing the increase requested. We therefore thought it prudent and acceptable to ask for 3p per week to maintain our work. With only two full time and two part time staff our twelve Councillors work hard for the people of St. Anne’s and take no financial remuneration. We have no wish to cut the service that we give to the Town and indeed may well have to take on more responsibilities in the future. We can’t provide ‘nothing for nothing’ but we can do it for the minimum and that is what we decided on. We are looking forward to a great year for St. Anne’s on the Sea and we hope that more and more people will take part to help it be so“.

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